DIY – Affordable Raised Garden Bed

One of the pains of our current home is both the size of our backyard and it’s inability to drain water well after it rains. Even after the most modest downpour we can expect to have shallow lakes in our backyard for no less than 3-4 days assuming the rain is followed by sunshine. Unfortunately, this was a problem that had to be considered when my family decided that we’d like to plant fruits and vegetables in the backyard this summer.

The most obvious solution that came to mind was raised garden beds since they bring with them several benefits including better soil and drainage, not to mention far easier weed and pest control. In fact, after doing a little bit of research it seems that raised garden beds also provide the opportunity for increased production. It was said that you can plant seeds closer together in a raised bed because the light soil mixture will improve the effectiveness of the water and oxygen allowing the roots to expand easier.

Most importantly for us though is that we can eliminate the concerns of a flooded yard and it’s proving to be much easier on our backs!

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