Getting to Know Me!

Me the Person

Always the hardest part… Where do I begin?  I think aloud quite frequently even in my writings and I overuse the ellipsis in a big way, so bear with me. I am at the time of writing this thirty-two years old; I have two sons and a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, loving woman that couldn’t cook to save her life. I mean all of that, the love and the lost food… you can’t win them all.

By profession I’ve been working with public safety communications systems for over a decade. I’ve managed and maintained VHF, UHF, 800MHz, conventional, trunked, simulcast, and multi-site systems at every level from end-user equipment repairs and maintenance to system level administration and am currently in the process of building out a large P25 communications system that will serve more than twenty-two different law, fire, and government agencies with more than 3,000 end-users.

By hobby, I am an electronics geek; there really is no other way to put it. I find it very difficult to look at an electronic device on the market and justify the price tag since in the back of my mind I’m thinking “I could make that…”. I do not have the time nor money to build all of the ideas or inventions that I’ve come up with in my head and I’m sure that’s true for many, which is why I offer invention prototyping services here on my site. I figure that I can help you realize your dream product or invention which in turn provides me with a little extra money to see one of mine come to fruition.

Blog Intentions

The primary intention of my blog is to educate and enlighten those who follow behind me in their path towards mastering electronics. Any personal projects that I create will be fully documented from start to finish and those documents will be condensed into step-by-step guides of how to build your own version of that project. The idea behind this open-source approach is to give back, I have never had formal electronics training or a college degree in engineering; I have learned everything I know from other websites that were willing to share their process and explain the ideas and principles that lead them to their conclusions and success. There will never be a price tag on any of my step-by-step guides or project documentation.

The secondary intention is where the price tag comes in… While I will be publishing my personal projects on this website for free with complete documentation, there are many people who do not have the time, tools, or inclination to build something themselves. If you find yourself in this position but absolutely have to have one of your own, just contact me and I’ll work with you to get one built to your specifications. Further, if you have an idea for a project or a new invention that is not yet posted on my website, let me know and we can discuss the possibilities.

I do not mind anyone sharing my plans, instructions, or project materials but would certainly appreciate credit in return via a link back to the project page, or main page if the former doesn’t exist.

In Closing…

Welcome to my personal blog, I look forward to seeing your feedback in comments to posts or via email. If there are projects that you’re looking for that you believe I may have the ability to pull off, send them my way via email. You’re also welcome to subscribe to this blog via email or RSS to be updated of any future posts as they’re published.

Now that you know a little more about me, why don’t we head back to the home page and see what’s new?