Obligatory About Page

Robert Seal – The Guy Behind the Blog

Where do I begin?  I think aloud quite frequently even in my writings and I overuse the ellipsis in a big way, so bear with me. At the time of writing this, I am thirty-five years old; I have two boys and a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, loving fiance that cannot cook to save her life. I mean all of that, the love and the lost food… you can’t win them all.

By profession, I am a 15-year veteran of the IT industry and 12-year veteran of public safety communication systems management. I have planned, implemented, and managed VHF, UHF, 800MHz, conventional, trunked, simulcast, and microwave technologies. I’ve coordinated joint agreements between 27 different law, fire, and local government agencies to purchase and manage a $16M P25 parish-wide system. Yes, I actually managed to get law and fire to agree on something… I know, that’s huge!

By hobby, I am a freelance digital marketing consultant with 15-years of experience. I have for the past 1.5 decades been completely infatuated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing. Of course, even with all of those years under my belt, it’s still difficult to explain exactly what it is about marketing that I enjoy. I’m going to say that it has to be the psychology of it, the science of figuring out exactly what it is that people want to see in order to act.



By hobby, I am a freelance digital marketing consultant specializing in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing. To say that digital marketing is my passion of mine would be an understatement. Figuring out the science of what people want to see and converting that into client success; priceless! So enters this blog…

My Goal – From Cubicle to Coffee House

Recently I learned about a company called Zapier; they offer an amazing productivity tool that you really should check out (no affiliation). While I was doing some research on their product, I ran across their Ultimate Guide to Remote Work which stopped me in my tracks. After reading through the guide I found the corporate culture that they portrayed to be very alluring. Not so much the idea of remote – this isn’t new. I was intrigued by the way that they approached distributed teams and how they overcame the challenges associated with it.

Little did I know at the time that there are quite a few startups around that share similar corporate visions. MeetEdgar and Litmus were two of them that I found that same day that made me question my current job status.

Having spent the past 12 years of my career in a profession just because I am good isn’t exactly exciting. I will be vested in my retirement within the next month; I could easily jump into another 20-year similar career for dual retirement. Smart right? Or is it? I cannot think of a better time in life than now to move on, to finally give my passion a go! I will become a professional digital marketing manager for a distributed company with an amazing culture. The clock starts now!

The Blog – A Living Resume

The largest challenge that I can foresee in this endeavor is my lack of professional experience. I have freelanced for the past 15 years but the majority of my clients signed contracts with privacy clauses; no portfolio there. Letters of recommendation are an option since I have always ended freelance relationships on positive notes. I’ll work on that but for now, I need something to show, something that validates my claims.

  • Attract – I will organically rank several articles for highly competitive keywords.
  • Convert – I will grow my mailing list to a respectable number for a personal blog.
  • Retain – I will maintain a respectable mailing list click-through rate and on-page dwell time.
  • Ethics – I will do all of the above using only 100% ethical and straightforward tactics.

Will that be enough? Who knows and why risk it? I will also take on several clients with the understanding that the results of their campaigns will be published as a case study on my blog.

Through all of this, I need to prove that I have:

  • What it takes to promote organic content through ethical means.
  • An understanding of how Conversion Rate Optimization works and how to test different theories.
  • The ability to retain and continue to provide value to existing clients.
  • A winning attitude while still getting the job done!

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